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              High resolution ink jet printer

              Category Description

                    High resolution ink jet printer is also known as the high resolution printing machine, for another DOD small character inkjet printer is different from the single nozzle CIJ dot matrix printer; because of its printing resolution than 200DPI so called high resolution ink jet printer. Application and development of HD printer technology application in the identification technology is gradually deepening to every corner of the world, especially the application in industrial products is more and more widely, the complexity of the application increases greatly, making identification has become an important part of indispensable quality management in the production of various industries.
                    Shanghai Ligao analytic potential inkjet printer high-definition printing, can effectively improve the printing quality, enhance the grade of products; at the same time can improve the printing speed and reliability, reduce printing cost and artificial maintenance workload; latent high resolution ink jet printer can be matched with the enterprise information management system, realize the inkjet      printer PC network visualization automatic control management at the same time; environmental protection non-toxic ink green packing direction, Shanghai potential have made great progress. Welcome to the new and old customers to come to consult the discussion.
              High resolution ink jet printer advantages:
              A, is beneficial to product identification. Through a special marking on the product logo, brand name and trademark, can make products talent showing itself in the competition, enhance brand awareness.
              Two, product tracking record. Product batch number, production date, serial number or order directly spray on product, make each product has good traceability, regional management greatly facilitate the quality management and product sales business.
              Three, to prevent counterfeit. Manufacturers often through prevention, suppression of counterfeiting of product identification, such as the application of new technology, such as bar code printing random code so that the legitimate manufacturers could have been ahead of counterfeiters.
              Four, increase the added value of products. Identify the name brand or manufacturer in the product means a commitment, consumers generally think this is a complete quality tracking, responsible for the quality of the products of the enterprise products.

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